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For some reason yesterday my TTA just started cutting out spark and stumbles under any kind of acceleration.

I rented a trailer and drove it home tonite from NY, it was a long haul.

I checked all the hoses, spark plug wires, and looked at the engine grounds.
This all happened after I changed my oil, but I don't think it has anything to do with it. I let my car cool down for a while, and went out to start it cold to check to see if it was still there, and I could rev my car to 5000 RPM in Park and it seemed to run fine with no miss. I took it around the road, and as soon as I got to about 1 lb of boost, it cuts out and stumbles,makes no power, and I can smell unburned gas. The SES light came on for a bit, but then went off.There doesn't really seem to be any smoke coming out of the tail pipes, just a little black smoke from running rich.

I went down to autozone and I got a new coil pack and ignition module and installed them. No luck, same thing is happening. Also, I tapped the MAF around a bit, and it kind of stumbled my engine a tiny bit.

So far I have tried:
Switching out chips
TPS looks good
Engine temp looks fine
Fuel pressure seems ok
Cleared the ECM
New Coil Pack
New ignition Module
Spark plug wires look fine, they are magnecore wires.
I tried to see if there was any loose engine grounds, but it didn't look like it.

I can't figure this out! I am thinking maybe its a possible ECM gone bad? I am going to try to hunt down a good working MAF and check that tomorrow.

I am almost positive it is something spark related, and I can't really drive the car far, any help appreciated.

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