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I spun the #6 main bearing at 46,600 miles so I decided to get it rebuilt and I finally got a scan master!!!! I would appreciate some help with these numbers on what’s going on with the car. I went to gnttype.org to obtain the references values and I’m still not sure if these numbers are good or not.

My readouts were taken with the engine warmed up, idle, and in gear.
O2- cycle from .203 - .785
AF- 07
L8- 56
bat- 13.2
Int- 127
bL- 105
clt- 196
ats- 141
r- 700
tps- .38
Iac- 0 <why is this??
cc- this goes 7-24-36-56-74-90-…..to 254 and the cycles again

I recently got the car inspected by the good ole DMV of NJ and passed with the numbers:
NOx- 0023
HC- 0051
CO%- 00.19
CO2%- 14.80
O2%- 00.40
RPM- 2011

My car has:
Bored 30 over
Comp Cam 69-248-4 cl-kit,it is a flat tappet w/[email protected]&.459in.-.459ex.w/1.55 rockers w/ 112 lobe seperation
8” Cone filter
Green stripe injectors
Flowmaster exhaust
Stock chip and intercooler

Sorry so long, hope anyone can help me

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looks like the idle is a tad rich and the ecm is taking care of that...not a problem

Your iacs need to be adjusted...you can go to my site, click on Basics, and see how to do that...read the section on tps as the tps may need to be reset after the iac.
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