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need help on boost and knock gauge install

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My friend could not help me with install so i'm on my on .I have a caspers knock gauge and audible and a 30-0-30 auto meter pro comp boost gauge and need to know what if anything i should need to get from an auto/hardware store to complete install of these items and can i just install the knock gauge without the audible one for right now?Can someone give me a thread for installation on these and how long will it take from start to finish to install the two gauges in my A-pillar gauge holder?thanks
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Caspers website casperselectronics.com
has .pdf files on installation of his knock gauges. Also http://www.gnttype.org/
has instructions for the boost gauge.
I'd really like to put my autometer pro comp 30-0-30 boost gauge on today but i've checked caspers and did the searches on the other site and i can't seem to pull up any good instructions from any of them?I do need to know if i will need some wiring and/or anything else for installation before i get started and what tools?Any further help would be great(double a pillar gauge holder for my boost and knock gauges)! dunno :)
how long does it usually take an average joe to install a boost gauge on the a pillar? :)
http://www.gnttype.org/techarea/bodygauges/bstgauge.html This is the best instructions I seen. Now it's time to shut the PC off and go to work wink
I don't have to work today,thankfully.
It takes the average Joe about 30 minutes! Probably take you about three weeks! Follow the instructions and go hook the damn thing up! :D

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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