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Need Feedback

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Since Victor Reinz makes the factory head gasket for our cars, does anyone know if the same gasket is available at carquest as they carry victor products?

Also need some feedback on lifters. When I changed cams I went with an aftermarket lifter that was advertised as quiet, well it's not, so I was going to go back to the stock (expensive) lifters. Has anyone had good luck with aftermarket lifters, if so what brand?
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i purchased a modern muscle 224 cam from ramchargers this year and the lifters they sold me are quiet but they came in a bag with no name. they are probubably cheeper than gm . i think they were about $70 hope this helps
Can't help you on the Carquest Victor stuff, I use the Felpro's
Sealed Power makes a lifter HT 969 that is of pretty good quality and quiet. I guess part of the noise factor really depends on your cam, if it is very aggressive, and has a lot of lift and short duration, the ramp acceleration rate will be higher. That will make for a noisy valve train.

72 Toyota Celica with an 87 TR drive train
I am running the Lunati H200-200 cam, anyone else have valve train noise with this cam?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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