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|NDIMA| Imports vs Domestics - September 16, 2012

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqYDU1BUBF0]NDIMA July 15th Inaugural Event - Boost Films SFL - YouTube[/ame]​

National Domestic & Import Motorsports Association is proud to announce our second installment of the year in the Imports vs Domestic racing series. Come see fierce rivalries unfold between the top teams in the industry! Along with a Hot Body Contest, EliteFit car show, vendor midway, and a live DJ the entertainment is sky high at NDIMA events!

NDIMA is a racing series founded by grassroots drag racers bringing together decades of experience in all levels of drag racing to create an event where racers get the professional treatment they deserve. The primary goal at NDIMA is to put on a show the racers and fans alike will love to attend, it's a venue to settle the never ending debate of Import vs Domestic with rivalries between racers fueling the competition event after event. The race classes at NDIMA are formatted to line up close races all day pitting finely tuned imports vs the raw power of domestics. NDIMA events are full of nail biting races whether it be a pair of single digit cars blistering thru the traps over 175mph or the two hottest street cars pushing the limits to earn bragging rights until the next event. The hotly contested classes at NDIMA provide a show like none other and bring the entire racing community together to trash talk all day until a winner rises from the tire smoke.

The EliteFit car show stems from the genuine representation of cleanly built cars, NDIMA put together a unique category of classes targeted at true enthusiasts whom build their vehicles with proper style. Experienced judges on staff to ensure proper winners!

The full rulebook is available on NDIMA - Home

Outlaw [DOMESTIC] vs Extreme [IMPORT]: $4,000 Total Payout
This is where the fastest door slammers around come to do battle. This is where you'll find the big tire guys running bottom 7s and nearly 200mph thru the traps.

Radial [DOMESTIC] vs Modified [IMPORT] : $3,000 Total Payout
Another class the fastest of the fast call home, these dedicated racecars typically run deep in the 8s boasting some of the most well tuned cars in the series.

275x [DOMESTIC] vs Hot Rod [IMPORT] : $2,700 Total Payout
275x vs Hot Rod pits some of the biggest crowd favorites against each other consistently producing 8 second times. Always a crowd favorite and a hotly contended class as both the import and domestics sides have well developed programs filling this class.

Street Warrior [DOMESTIC] vs Street Warrior [IMPORT] : $1,600 Total Payout
Another very popular class full of variety with AWD, RWD, & FWD all finding good races. Expect to see alot of low 9/high 8 second cars doing battle with the FWD guys touching into the 170+ traps.

Real Street [DOMESTIC] vs Real Street [IMPORT] : $1,200 Total Payout
These are cars you may actually find pulled up next to you at a light, not for long though, they're likely to blow your doors off as they regularly finish the qtr mile in under 10 seconds. This is where the import SFWD guys race vs some of the baddest street driven domestics around.

10.50 Index & 11.50 Index: $1,000 Total Payout (both classes combined)
These classes are for the grassroots guys pulling every ounce out of their street cars and making the transition into the open heads up classes. These classes give racers a chance at real heads up competition and gain experience as they become seasoned racers.

Quick 16 [BRACKET] : $350 Total Payout
Do you have the skill and consistency to run the same time every pass down the track? Our bracket class races line up the most consistent cars around to see has enough to make it to the finals and take the cash.

Call Out [1vs1]
This is a special event class just for those of you that have a score to settle. Shop vs Shop or Rival vs Rival, settle your differences on a nice long 1320ft strip of pavement.

Best Stance
Best Lowest
Best of Show
Best Truck
Best Classic
Best Street Rod
Best Exotic
Best Euro
Best JDM
Best Domestic
Best VIP
Best Engine Bay
Best Interior
Best Exterior
Biggest Club Participation [$200]

Automatic Transmission Factory, DipYourCar.com, South Florida Autosports, Revolution Performance, South Florida Turbo, PROs, Treadstone Performance, jdmSOUTH.com,
Honda-Classifieds.com, FloridaHondaCrew.com
For inquiries related to becoming a sponsor, vendor, or authorized media please e-mail [email protected]

Gates open at 8 AM
Tech opens at 8:30 AM
Qualifying Starts at 10:00 AM
Eliminations start at 2:00 PM

Registration open at 9:00 AM
Presentation at 4:00 PM

Adult Spectator: $20
Children 12 and under: Free
Race Crew: $20
Car Show: $30
Test & Tune: $30

For additional questions please contact us [email protected]

Follow us on Facebook for all the latest NDIMA news and updates:
NDIMA - Sports League | Facebook
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