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my experience at KDK Performance in Orlando

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I am writing this so spread the word about the best shop I have ever worked with.

I live about an hour and a half from KDK(owner Kevin D King), and have used his shop on two occaisions for a fairly major set of repairs/upgrades. They have an extremely experience staff, many of which are TR owners themselves. They a have a Superflow dyno for tuning.

For my car, they have done a vaccum brake conversion, timing chain, front & rear seals, chip, intake, added a guage, water pump, added braces, XP pump and adj regulator, and other items. I can not exaggerate how fantastic of a job they have done. Their prices are reasonable and their mechanics are extremely experienced with Turbo Regals.

On the second trip, which was just this week, they managed to get my car in and out in one day, and got more work done than you would think is possible. There were between one and three mechanics working on the car at all times, and they were at it from 8am to 7pm so that I would not have to stay overnight.

The are also doing work with other domestic fuel injected cars, including LS1 and LT1. They are about to start on a supercharged & twin intercooled 2003 Z06 Corvette.

Their number is 407-298-2706
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Funny you should mention KDK. My fathers 87GN is has been there for a few weeks. He had a knock problem at WOT. Found out the lower coil pack was shot, along with two top coils. He also had headers removed, along with some rusty ATR suspension pieces. Replaced the stock manifolds(re-welded of course), Hooker catback, adjustable fuel regulator, new valve springs(980's) Red Armstrong Chip, Walbro Fuel pump,
level 10 shift kit.

Next week it gets an alky kit, and dyno tune.
Wonder what kind of numbers he will pull on the dyno.

You might have seen his car in the shop.
I live in NY, and have not met Kevin, but he appears to be well trained and dedicated to his customers.
Looks like I might need to install a supercharger on the snake to keep up with the old man.
I am sure I saw your fathers car there, as I was hanging around the shop for half the day. What color & wheels did it have?
The car's set up sound just like mine, except no alchohol or shift kit for me, and Kevin put on an IceMan intake and replaced the bellows-style part of the intake tract that goes from the mass air flow meter to the throttle body with a nice silver painted metal piece. After the parts were all on, the boost went to 19lbs, so he made it adjustable and took it down to 16lbs. It runs great now, they estimated 260 to 275 to the rear wheels. They tried to get me to go with alchohol, which should add 40-50 hp since the boost can be upped to 20-21. If you do it all and get it dyno tuned, you can hope for 325+ to the rear wheels, and get 13 flat on street tires and mid 12's on slicks.
Please email me with the results([email protected]), especially comments on the level 10 shift kit. Kevin highly recommended this kit when set up at the "street" setting, but I hesitate since this is a truly a street car.
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Kevin and his crew are super nice people to deal with.

We need a 2-thumbs-up graemlin :D
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