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My digital dash went out

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Resently my digital dash went out on my GN. I checked the fuse, took the dash out it looks o.k, checked the wire plug to dash looks ok. Sometimes the dash will come on and off when driving through a rough street.

Could it be a bad wire somewhere or a bad dash?
Can anyone tell me which wire powers what part of the dash?

Thanks in advanced,
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Check wires (gray) around radio, lighter, and shifter indicator. The shifter indicator grounds out alot. Is your shifter indicator light working?
I think Casper's electronics can fix it if it turns out to be fried...

87 GN 11.57 @114.59
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Sounds like the power supply on the circuit board of the dash...had mine go out, Casper's fixed it right up...If you have it fixed, have John put in the 199 mph chip upgrade at the same time...

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Thanks for the help

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