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I'm posting this everywhere I can in hopes of spreading the word...

The night of January 31st in Mesquite Texas. Sometime between 7:30-9:20, my 84 T-Type was stolen from the Starplex 10 movie theater parking lot. No broken glass, just an empty parking spot and the two drops of oil from my leaky rear main left. I'm asking everyone in the north texas area to keep a look out for my car.. you guys already notice every buick you see anyway, so this shouldnt be too hard.

At the time it was stolen..
Black 84 T-Type
Lisc Plate: F95 GGM
VIN: 1G4AK4792EH521820
2 gold GTA wheels on front, 2 stock 84 T wheels on back.
Open exhaust
NO tint at all
2 stickers on the back window:
"theDFWscene.com" and sticker with a mustang and a red X over it.

This car has no rear window trim, no fenderwell trim, no bumper rubbers.. and NO BADGES

if you were close enough to see the interior.. it has a billet t-type shifter handle.. no one around the DFW metroplex has one of these as far as I know...

thats all I can think of.. if anyone sees anything suspicious let me know:

nick b. 214.912.6953

thanks alot guys!


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