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Mounted the BFG Drag Radials Today

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275-50-15 I definetly need longer studs because I had to use a 5/16" spacer. Has anyone changed the wheel studs? Where did you come up with them? What air pressure do you keep in them on the street?
Dang! They look Good on there! (87 Regal T stock rims.) headbang
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I ran similar tires years ago. Had the machine shop install longer & thicker ones! Hey go bigger while your in there I figured. Now I have closer to stock size & use a spacer to take up the longer end play. Think the machine shop got them for me from GM. This is many years ago and I was doing everything the GSCA monthly put out as upgrades!! Needed or not!! But that size tire does look GREAT!!! Have fun!! uzi uzi uzi
I bought some extended "nose" lugnuts that extend almost 1/4" into the wheel . They work fine with the 7/64" spacers.

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were those stock rims?
You can get longer studs (54mm) from Autozone
pn#28501 or from GM. Tell them it for a 87 Buick station wagon with (special opt wheels) 54mm long.
You can you your old lug nuts.
cheers SweeeeeT!
What does ULYCYC stand for? I've tryed every thing I can think of and haven't figured it out yet :)
Here's what I found out if you are interested.
The #28501 at Autozone is not a good # it should be part# 98501 ... but.. is no longer available according to Autozone computer.So after trying almost everywhere else (even a local GM dealer) no one was coming up with a good part# for the longer studs. *But* as one last attempt I stopped at Advanced Auto Parts and they had four of the part# 98501 in stock and I should have the rest of them here tomorrow.
Your correct. I had a few studs in the garage and both part numbers were on them. Maybe they changed suppliers or superceded the numbers.
I think they were made by Dorman.
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