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Motor swap questions

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I have been trying to get answers in the hybrid section with no luck, I want to do a 3.8 turbo swap in a 98 firebird like Steve Kaminski did in GMHTP magazine. now to my understanding his swap was flawless as if it came from the factory with the motor, his a/c worked, and all his factory guages worked (oil,voltage,gas,temperature, speedo and tach) I just need to know if he needed to fabricate anything to get his air to work and how he made all the guages work. could it have been a custom wiring harness and computer?

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Nothing too difficult about what was done. I am going to keep this short and sweet.

Tach - Hook the firebird wire into the Tach lead in the Buick SFI harness. If the firebird was a V6 to begin with, no calibration needed.

Oil Pressure - Use the oil pressure sensor that goes in the firebirds motor. At most you will just need to use an adapter to change threads or size to fit that sensor in the Buick motor.

Water Temp - Same as the oil pressure. Use the water temp sensor from the firebird and put it in the Buick motor somewhere.

Gas - shouldn't change. You aren't messing with the firebird tank or hanger are you?

Volts - No brainer. Once you supply the firebird main fuse box with power, the volt gauge and ignition will function.

A/C - Doesn't seem that complex. You are ahead of the game on that one compared to me. Since your Hybrid was GM to begin with, you can utilize the firebird dryer, condenser ect.. You will just need to wire a few things up and get some custom hoses made. Sorry to be vague, but I haven't tackled this one yet in my RX-7 swap.

I have been through what you are asking about and it's not as bad as you may think. Here is my Mazda RX-7 dash fully functional with a Buick V6 Turbo swap.

Hope that helps.


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