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I was doing some tuneups before i hit the track, and went for a ride with the OTC scantool and brother riding shotgun to pull some numbers to make sure i didn't blow it up. At idle, with the tps at .44, and vacuum line off pressure at 42# my blm's are still at 105, and the car throws a rich idle code. Even driving around it doesn't change much, i made just a *few* full throttle passes around my neighborhood to get some numbers. At 14 lbs of boost my blm's still stayed at around 105, and rarely climbed to only 112. My brother counted as high as .850 O2's while the majority were around .820. My brother also kept an eye on the knocks, as i don't have a visual one yet. Unfortuanately that scantool is a little lame, and only gives you a "yes" or a "no" if your getting knock. I was getting a "yes" at 14 lbs with sunoco 94 with 19* of timing. While that was going on, the car didn't feel any different except for a slight surge or miss. Being foolish, i decided that maybe more boost was the answer to richness and upped it a pound. It still had knock, and had a less perceivable surge or miss My real question is, am i getting rich knock? What can i do to bring my O2's closer to acceptable levels? thanks very much, Lee Di Fabbio.

87 T-top GN 235" JE pistons, TA-49, 009's, ported heads,206-206 cam, trans+LT1 MAF,Jim Testa street chip, AFPR, Walbro 307, stock IC, stock exhaust, 275/50/15 nitto's, and bad driver mod.
Best time: [email protected] 104, 15 psi, 1.98 60' yep, i need to tune it
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