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MOONS "Most Optioned GN" is up for sale !!!

Had it for 20 years, use it once and a while....so now someone else can enjoy it !

1987 Grand National, Very Rare, Most Optioned Ever Built.
Factory MoonRoof, Twilight Sentenal, Engine Block Heater, etc, etc, etc !!!
Ordered by a dealer as an investment with every option available in 1987.

$7,224 in options, total of $19,216 NEW.

Winner at any show it's entered including best GN at GSCA Bowling Green.
Complete and total documentation from General Motors and Dealer with
Vehicle VIN# on each document. No one has more paperwork !!!

This car is (1) of (1), Rarer than a GNX.

26,000 "ONE" owner miles, still runs like a brand new one...needs "NOTHING" !

Asking $25,000 Please call me @ 718-358-8671


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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