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Me = dumba$$

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Steve may be a meana$$ but I am the dumba$$.
Could not figure out why the thrasher would not lock blms at 128.
Changed injectors and chip today. When I installed the chip, I found out I had changed the thrasher out and had forgot.
So my rich condition is gone but the car is still burning oil!
I am pretty sure it is not the turbo or a headgasket.
I thought compression was very good at 155-165 for a 130,000 mile engine.
So I do not think it is rings.
PVC was changed.
So I feel the problem is somewhere in the valve area.
It smokes all the time, not just on startup.
Any ideas or other areas to check?

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1. turbo seal, either compressor side or exhaust side...compressor side will have oil in the inlet pipe to throttle body-exhaust side will be in the down pipe but not the up pipe that the turbo sits on.

2. Rings.....probably will be showing up as blowby with smoke coming out the breathers

3. Pcv valve--will have oil in the vacuum block on top of the plenum.

4. Valve guides---will smoke more on first starting and not so much afterward.

5. Intake leak? sucking oil out of valley and into intake ports.

BTW....I would call you a dumbass but that's the kinda stuff I do all the time.

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Be sure you have the right pvc in there. Still have the box it came in? Sorry I forgot the right part #.

I believe you could check that again by plugging the line that runs to the steel vac, lines, from the pcv. If the new pcv is bad, and that is the source of the leak, the oil burning should clear up pretty quick.

I'd be looking at the turbo seal after that, especially if this started suddenly..

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Me = dumba$$
Oh sorry! I thought this was ZaP's post.
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Put in a new PVC. Got part # from gnttype.
No change. It was oily at the vacuum port but when I ran car without PVC the smoke did not clear. Maybe I need to run it longer?

Will check exhaust side on turbo. Compressor side was OK.

Is there a test I can do to check if it is the intake?
No, you will have to pull the intake and reseal it, I think. guess you could put some air pressure in the crank case and listen to see if you can hear it int he tb?

Originally posted by fast86:
Me = dumba$$
OK, you and ES are both dumbasses! No real need to overstate the obvious.

Improper spaces in a Steve Wood post! Watch that space bar, Steve Wood!

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