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This is more of an informational post than anything else.
I've been running this LS1 MAF for several years now, and it had performed flawlessly. It's what took me to my 11.60's

However, couple of months ago the car started acting funny with some wierd symptoms!!!!
During part throttle accel. (1/2-3/4 throttle) there was a lot of surging/chugging, and when monitoring DS files there were a lot of MAF drop outs, timing spikes, and weirdest of all, there was this huge knock retard spike right in the middle of third gear (the more throttle the worst it was), where nothing was happening???
Even with all these problems, I took it to the track a month or so ago and ran in pure street trim (gas 93, tires street, timing19, boost20, etc) and with that huge knock retard spike the car ran 12.80's at 104.5

I was getting really ticked, this along with the "non working" turn signal problem I couldn't find, I came close to selling the darn thing (not really).

After checking about everything there was to check, I decided to change out the LS1 MAF for my spare 3" LT1 MAF (I don't know why).
BANG!!!!! Everything is now running perfectly and the car is it's usual tire melting self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had forgotten that a couple months ago, I had dropped the LS1 MAF on the garage floor (from a couple feet). Even though there was no visible damage, the electronic damage was multifacetted, and getting worse each week.

I couldn't believe that a dieing MAF could cause so many problems and seemingly unrelated. The huge knock retard was the puzzler!!! But every single symptom I suffered before is cleared up.

Even though the car is screaming again (20# of boost and NO KR!) on pump gas, I can still feel the slight difference in part throttle response. The LS1 MAF is a killer in that area and I miss it.

Guess I'll have to try and track down another LS1 MAF

I want a Z06
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MAF problems seem to really cause the biggest drivability problems!

I have bought a couple MAFs over the last few years from LS1.com for 50 or 60 bucks each. I just sold one for 60 bucks. What a deal!
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