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The purpose of this post is to provide some guidelines to all MAGNA participants - members or not - who participate in our online discussions, regardless of platform (Social Media, Forums, etc). Luckily we've had little to no problems with members and non-members posting in our public forums, but we wanted to just get some "house rules" in place. This list is not exhaustive by any means, and we want to keep it that way :)

Please be aware that if a problem arises, posts and/or comments may be removed by any MAGNA admin that do not adhere to these guidelines, and continuing abuse will be dealt with on a per-situation basis.

Before any speculation occurs...be aware this is purely for housekeeping purposes and something we've been meaning to get around to. No particular reason other than that!

  • Family Oriented Discussion: MAGNA strives to be a family oriented club, and as such as ask all participants to keep any online discussion clean and clear of profanity or vulgar topics.

  • Love Thy Neighbor: Disputes between club members can occur for any number of reasons. Please keep any discussion regarding a dispute to yourself or in a private forum, and not the club’s public platforms, including any disputes with vendors.

  • Sharing events & car shows: Events and Car shows may be posted, however please limit the number of new posts so the platforms do not get flooded/spammed.

  • Spam: MAGNA is not in the advertising business, and as such, posts for events, products, and services that do not pertain to our club or interests will be removed.

We do not want to police our groups; we feel all MAGNA members are capable of keeping our club and online platforms enjoyable by all. HAVE FUN!!

PS - so we don't have a million stickies up top, just let this fall away and it'll be linked to from the "information for members" thread that is stickied.
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