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I see lots of ya'll running LS1 MAF's" Is there a difference in it & the SS Impala MAF's? Im using the SS meter & translator" Is there any mods that can be done or should be done to the MAF meter?

Keith Davis**86GN,Astroroof,DigDash'TTA crank,Ported polished heads & matched intake'TRW .30 forged pistons & PT51 Turbo,Manly SS valves,CC 206-206 cam'Postons headers,Orange stripe conv.THDP,2 1/2 exhaust'Hooker comp. mufflers'SMC alky,Boost command,Scanmaster2,MSD50 inj,SS MAF & translator'Nitto DR's 275/50/15,All the braces,All gauges VDO.
12.8 @ 102 is with stock setup no times for new setup yet.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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