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loosing boost at 55mph? help!

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Hey guys my car all of a sudden lost boost at 55mph, then it comes back up and then dies off again. whats up. I'm building around 12#.
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hey Steve can you help me?
Hard to say. I would start by making sure all the hoses on the turbo and innercooler are tight.

Maf to turbo, turbo to IC, IC to throttlebody.

Were you running 12# and it went to zero, or were your running more and it dropped to 12?
i was running 12 and it went to 0. But we found the i/c to turbo hose loose. And changed the o2 sensor. It looked like hell, all the ribs on the end of the sensor were gone. But since I am running race fuel I thought it needed it. Would that i/c hose have caused this?
could have released and let the boost blow out there instead of going into the tb. For sure, loose hoses will cause a problem. Whether or not that was it, I cannot say..try it and see if it is okay now, I guess. :)
thank you steve! i'm forever in debt to you for your advice. Being that I'm paralized from the neck down you're advice has been a god send. Thanks and I'll try not to bother you to much man.
If it were a bother, I would not come in here. :)

Only Zap bothers me and that is because I am afraid that one day someone will find out we are related. :D

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