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Looking for a GNX

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I new to GNXs, and am looking for a car that hasnt been played with too much (i.e. dont have the money to mod it till i graduate, and want something that wont blow on me)

what are some things that i need to watch out for a gnx (i.e. how are the stock trannies, any problems with valve gaskets like the sb 350, etc), and how much should i expect to pay for one, say that has 40k miles and is in very good condition.

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If your talking GNX good luck to find one and at almost $50,000!! Now a good GN is $15,000 or at least in the price range for a nice clean one.
GNX? Something tells me you are looking for a GN and not a GNX. If infact you are looking for a GNX in excellent shape (as they should all be) get ready to pay 35K or better. yup
I would recommend you graduate first. Once you are bitten by the TUrbo Buick bug, you will spend endless hours tweaking, cleaning, and upgrading it.. May cut into your school time.

And these cars are not cheap to operate..
a gnx is not a good daily if thats what your gonna use it for. they are worth way too much. get a gn. they have amazing resale value, good gasmilage, and are fun!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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