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LOL!!! Ran across this thread on a local forum:

Originally Posted by a "certain unnamed performance shops customer"

If you ask me the best shops are in Dallas, but if I had to choose here it would be "X" Performance or "Y" Performance, but between the two I would get my parts from either "Y" usually takes a little longer on parts to get in but they are way cheaper and much more knowlegeable about my cars. I have dealt with both, but "Y" usually takes the time to listen and diagnose my problems. They are also fast on motor swaps, they did my SR In my 240 and My Ls in my hatch, both run perfect clean swaps too. I have seen "X" Performances' swaps and tho they are clean I have seen problems and customers not happy with what they recieved, like my boy purchased a swap installed w/ new clutch, they did a clean swap but when the clutch gave out we pulled it apart it was stock! when he clearly purchased a ACT stage 2. Thats shady to me. Also the quality of the motors that they get are no contest when i buy motors from "Y" they are the cleanest motors ive ever seen, you can eat off them. And they are really good guys they have never left me hanging everytime i have a problem they fix it for me. Every time i need advise they are always right. so both good shops but for me its "Y" all the way.

Originally Posted by "Y" Performance
I dont realy remember who you are but thanks we try to treat everybody with respect and try to help whenever we can.Top end is a good shop but thankfully thay are far away so we dont realy have to compete that much. Sorry about the parts taking a long time sometimes but sometimes they come from japan and sometimes they are just plain backordered. We do a lot of jdm stuff so you gotta wait for the good stuff. Thank you so much its nice to be appreciated.

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you know whats funny ****,

you are both posting from the same ip

"Y" Performance
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Speed shops

i'm going to lock this thread so people can see how shady you guys are, lying to increase your rep.
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