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Kings Billet crank - Bearings showed very little wear when is came apart. May need a light polishing at most. Can't find these anywhere and if your building a high performance motor can't beat the quality. 3.54 stroke and setup to use 6" sbc rods. $1800 obo

Arias 3.830 Custom pistons. The pistons are coated and the coating is still in excellent shape all the way around. They are hanging from Aluminum Rods. $350 obo

The above is a balanced Rotating assembly

Champion CNC ported ported stock intake. No provision for the water pipe. Has a temp sensor there instead. $250

Race 109 block. The bores look great and you can drop in your rotating assembly. I ran it for about 20 passes or so. Block is filled with blockhard, has stock caps and RJC girdle all machined correctly. It is either .30 over $500

96 lb injectors. Flow matched. $275
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