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I was on my way to my second home (work), when I noticed my gas guage was wiggin' out. Anytime I gave it some gas it would blow past the F mark until it disapeared.
I had to go up a hill and it bogged down something fierce. (almost like it cut out.)
Then picked up ands took off like a streak.
By the time I made it to work. It sounded like it had a prostock cam in it.
Even a co-worker said.
"Damn. Does that thing got a big cam in it or what?"
Fast forward to 11 PM. We leave work and I had told a co-worker to hold up incase the car didn't wanna start.
Well. It started. idled.....ok and I took off.
Ran like crap.
Pulled into a gas station and dumped $5 worth of premium in it. Gas guage read 1/8th tank when I left the house. I have ran it to this mark before.

Shot the poop with the cashier and before leaving, popped the hood and checked some things.

This is what I did.
1. Checked connection to TPS.
2. Checked Connection to Wastegate Sol.
3. Checked all plug wires on coil pack.
4. checked connection on Ign. Module wiring connection.

All these felt tight.
Word to those who have this happen.
Possibly... could be 1 of these things wrong with your car. And for your safety... Don't check plug wires with car running.
That could hurt.

If anyone had something like this happen. I wanna know about it.
My first assumtion was a ground problem....


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so we assume it ran okay after gassing up?


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Intermittant connection affecting spark most likely.

Could be anything from battery connections, to ECM/chip to coilpack/module to plugs and wires.

Or it could be the sender/pump wiring in and near the tank.

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Now that you mention it.
I did unhook the + cable from the Battery this past weekend when I was gonna change over that mini starter.
I'll check that.
Might explain why my voltage was only reading 12.5 to 13 volts on my way home.
Thanks guys.
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