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If it's really stock not a thing done to it,
1. Fuel Pump, adjustable regulator, fuel pressure guage, hot wire fuel pump. (needed to run after market chips and prevent detionation)
2. Adjustable wastegate, boost gauge.
3. Chip
4. MAF pipe and open (cold air) system
and the list goes on and on gntype.com
you can spend weeks there.

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Test pipe. Mine gained almost 6 tenths in the 1/8th when I put on a test pipe and power plate. This was after I had adready done the already mentioned changes.

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Originally posted by 87gnnewbe:
#1 What is the best tranny fluid to run.

#2 what are the best mods for a stock 87gn where would you guys start first.
#1 Dextron 2or3, F type will firm up the shifts a little.
#2 Don't get carried away with performance parts it may slow you down. Get the car running the best you can with what you have. Many Stock GN's run low low 12's.. You may have to change worn out parts like fuel pump or valve springs. Spend your money on a scantool and boost gauge first.

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