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just changed coil and plugs and now it is idling like [email protected]@t

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and dark black smoke out the exhaust.
my car ran fine this morning this afternoon i install my new caspers HO 87 coil pack and my new magna core 10mm plug wires .i also regapped all my plugs to .035" and now the car does not idle smooth it's real ruff and i even changed out my chips from reds93 to thrasher 92 to stock and it's still rich and ruff
i have check the firing order 8 times now and they are right
1 3 5 driver side from the front of car
2 4 6 pass side from front to back
what's wrong?
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Double triple check wire positions on the coil. They are not in order.
thanks for replying orlando87
ok.i just went to car and personally wrote each number from what wire here goes.
from the front of the car/engine toward the back of car/engine
driver side front to back is 1 3 5
passenger side is 2 4 6
is this right?

ok i took my old coil pack over to the car and removed the plug wires from it one by one i took off the new magna core plug wires and replaced them with the old 8mm plug wires that were on the car before .Since i did this the car is still running ruff and really rich both with the old ones and with the new 10mm plug wires.this car did not do this before i changed coilpacks and regapped plugs

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Look at the cylinder numbers on the old coil pack! Those are the ones that are not in order!
i'm confused totally.lol seriously i am
i have the old coil pack in my hand and it has the same cylinder numbers on it that the new coil pack has on it too.
from front of coil left to right both of them read
4 2 6 passenger side and
the back ones driver side the coil reads left to right 1 5 3 ? can you elaborate on what you are trying to get me to understand please?
Your earlier post said 2-4-6 but the last one said 4-2-6. Which is it?? Should be 4-2-6 i think!
earlier i was stating that passenger side plug wires front to back are# 2(front ps cylinder plug wire going to coil #2

middle ps cylinder plug wire goes to # 4 coil

rear passenger side cylinder plug wire goes to #6 coil

driver side front cylinder plug wire goes to #1 coil
middle cylinder ds plug wire goes to # 3 coil
far back cylinder on ds plug wire goes to #5 coil on coil pack
this is the order my firing order is in as we speak.
The passenger side numbers (odd numbers) should be on the front of the coil pack when it's mounted in the car, and the driver's side wires should all be going to the rear terminals of the coil pack.

Sounds like you may have your coil pack mounted backwards on the module.

Not all that easy to see in this photo, but it will give you an idea.


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Oh now i get it.
i see what you and orlando are saying.
ok instead of taking the coil pack off and turning it around (hassel) can i just cahange the plug wires?i really would like to see this car running tonight and tommorrow i can change it back to correct.
the coil pack has the even numbers on the front right now so what wires would go where for tonight?thanks alot
Hey there.......I put two different sets of 10mm magnacores over the years. My car would not run with those wires. Put your old wires back on.
OK. I see you already tried the wires.......sounds like a chip problem. Possibly a bent tang on the chip/chips. Is the check engine lite blinking?
i have tried all three of my chips -it's not a chip problem.i tried old and new plug wires -it's not the plug wires it has something to do with the new coil pack or plugs,probably not the plugs
Tell me what cyls you have paired on the coils.

1 should be with 4, 2 with 5 and 3 with 6

This holds true with most DIS cars. Take the firing order, take the first 1/2, put it above the 2nd 1/2 and there are your firing pairs. Then all you need to know is which coil they belong on. In our ca\se, take the firing order 1-6-5-4-3-2, put 1-6-5 over 4-3-2 and you see each cylinders wire "paid". Same holds true with a V8, 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2, put 1-8-4-3 over 6-5-7-2 and you got each coils pair. In these combo's, when one cyl is under its power stroke, its pair will be on the exhaust stroke. Just something to help you sort this out in the future. Oh ya, #1 bank is always the forward most head.

In your case, according to my software, looking from the front of the car, they should be:

6 2 4
3 5 1

This is also assuming no one changed your coils, and wired them mixed up. (the primary wires I mean)
It doesnt matter which wires go on front or back. SO long as you have the right pair of wires, to the right coil. This is a waste spark system. The cylinder under exhaust, will be the ground path for the system under the power stroke. The ignition doesnt care which is which

By looking at what you wrote up top here, your wires are on wrong.

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