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Just arrived 85 GN

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Just picked up my 85 GN. Always wanted one when I was a kid. I realized there's no intercooler on the 85's just as I was finalizing the deal, but the car is so clean (40000 miles and like a new car) bought it anyway. Can I update this car to 86-87 spec.

John Carpico
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I'll keep this short as this is asked many many times...

Here is my answer. NO. Leave the car as is, drive it and enjoy it.

If you want an intercooled version buy an '86-'87. Can't hurt to have two cars. yup

There are a ton of parts that are different between the two. That's my opinion! powersix
I figured there were a lot of differences but if the parts could be accumulated do I have to permanently alter the car ( don't want to butcher a nice car). Another car isn't an option I already have three toys and my wife is running out of patience.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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