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Is this a deal? Also, some basic help..

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I found an '85 GN about 2 hours North of me for $2,000 OBO. It has over 200k miles on it, all stock, and a rod is knocking...

I was thinking...
I have $5500 or so to spend on a car.
If I can get this thing for $1500, it leaves me with about $5000 to invest into it.

I want a car that i can drive to and from school everyday, and that will run mid-high 12s in the 1/4

Are there any crate motors I could find for under $2500?

I'd be getting a bowtie overdrives 200R4 for $1000 or so, and I either want to rebuild the '85 motor, and add an IC (what all is needed to do this?), or get an '86-'87 motor to put in (what all is needed to do this?)

Which do you guys think is the better idea?

Also, it's a G80 rear end (posi, correct? what size is that? 8.5"?)

And lastly, where are some good sites to look for cams/chips/exhaust/rebuild kits, etc for regals?

I'm new(er) to the TR scene, but I really want to get involved with them.

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In spite of your arithmetic being mistyped, I don't think it will be a good deal. It will cost more than one in decent running condition before you are thru in all likelyhood.

I dunno I think you could get a used 86/87 GN motor and tranny nd accessories set up with everything you need for around $5000 if you looked on www.gnttype.org on the Turbo Trader or on here or www.turbobuick.com
For a $1500 car you could always try to sell off whatever 85 engine parts are good I guess

I think www.gnttype.org has a list of vendors
on it you can check that out

I mean I bought my 87 GN for $2700, but so far have put triple that into the car in rebuilds and stuff (mostly my choice) you never know dunno
It can be done, e-mail me if you want details. Thanks.
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