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Is it time for new brake pads?

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The front wheels are squealing like crazy, but it stops if I apply the brakes. I'm guessing this is the wear indicators? Brake action has also gotten slightly worse lately. Longer stops, more pedal, etc.

I've been looking at Hawk pads from Jeg's. Any votes for/against?

After replacing my PowerDisaster 2 years ago, I was feeling pretty confident about brake work. But not now.
So thanks in advance for any tips.

Rhett Lee
Had to leave Hawaii for Oregon, but now I have a Turbo Regal!
If only I could get it to run right...
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Yea' thats what it sounds like "Your at your wear indicators. Replace the pads & if your feeling any pulsation in the brake petal while stopping turn the rotors also.I would turn them anyway but thats just me!
As far as brake petal feeling low "After you make sure you dont need rear shoes" just adjust your rear shoes till you can feel them contacting the drum.
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Thanks fast86! No pulsing in the pedal, just feels like I have to push a bit harder to stop.

wants to have a fast 86...
my brakes are beginning to squeak as well...i can still stop fine and all but they just tend to squeal when the car has been on the road a little while...new pads i take it correct?


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