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I used to own a 82 regal limited it was my first car for 11 years and loved it however it was a total rust bucket and wasn't worth repairing every panel almost...however definitely want another one however I would love a 87 turbo regal with t tops and the pillow top 50/50 seats with the center console..and we'll I almost have enough saved and cannot wait def been counting the days since I sold my regal... The 2nd to the last pic with the wires and the landau top was the first day I got it....damn I miss that car just love how it drove and how easy it was to drive...well when there wasn't snow on the ground...i did 147.6 decibels @ 31hz with that setup I had too.i sooo miss those days. I did the interior too suede headliner, door panels and trim panels, dyed the dash. Fiberglass kick panels. I did have swivel bucket seats in it for a bit but missed the comfy pillow tops so I put them back in..def won't be doing the turbo regal like that...
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