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Intercooler piping size?

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The big Ford IC is coming along nicely.
I was planning to use 3" piping from the turbo to IC and the IC to the stock up pipe.
Will I have lag with this setup?
I am using the stock tyurbo at the moment, but plan on upgrading to a PT54 or equivalent.
Would I be better off using 2.5" pipe instead?
I am upgrading from the stock intercooler to a ported Ford IC......
Expertt advice needed before I finish the project!!!!


Best time so far: 12.78 at 107.5mph on radials, 2.05 60 ft
Car weight without driver 3610 lbs
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Tony Dequick says there is little to no loss with his larger pipes on the front mount IC's that he sells so I would have to think that yours are no different. Unless there are leaks in the hoses that connect the pipes.

At least that's the way I look at it.
Thanks for the reply......
I was hoping for that type of answer!
I guess I will try the 3" pipe, easy enough to change later if it doesn't work out.
I will post some pics hopefully once the Ford project is done.


Best time so far: 12.78 at 107.5mph on radials, 2.05 60 ft
Stock Turbo/IC/injectors.....
Car weight without driver 3610 lbs
Ported Ford IC on the way......... :)
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Best I can tell from Tony's comments...either one works about the same...I would use the one that fits the best, I think...

Come on!
3" pipes would look way cooler! That's worth at least .5sec in the quater right?!
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well, they look cooler...but I don't think anyone has shown any improvements...at least down to 10.0

and they get in the way of stuff sometimes...

but, I agree, they look cool!

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