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intake manifolds

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will the intake from an 86/87 fit an 85? how hard is it to adapt an intercooler to the stock 85 intake?

thanx jay
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Yes it will fit. You will also need an '87 throttle body, dog house, coil pack bracket, tv cable bracket and maybe fuel rail to name a few. Then you need '87 headers, crossover pipe, up pipe, turbo bracket and shield. Can you see where this is going? Don't forget a GN intercooler, electric fan, 120amp alternator, A/C bracket and now you need to convert to vacuum brakes because of the serpentine belt! Oh wait, can't leave out the '87 water pump, belt tensioner,crank pulley and different radiator hoses.

Anyone will agree it's probably best to sell your motor as complete as possible and look for an entire '87 setup. They are very different. Oh wait, I have an entire drivetrain for sale myself! '87


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