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Intake gasket

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Does anyone have the correct Felpro part number my local advance gave me MS96033,but it has the large EGR cut out not the small circle that the turbo gasket has.What could using the wrong gasket cause?
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That is what I use. Blue one, correct? It has the larger intake ports too. Nice for porting!
That's the correct gasket and read the instructions when you install it.
The other one is MS96037. Smaller EGR ports. Only difference.
Do the larger EGR ports have any effect on drivablitity?The gasket is already installed and correctly wink
Either one will work fine. I like using the one with the smaller EGR ports (I have Champion Heads with EGR blocked OFF) b/c more meat in that area can't hurt.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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