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Intake Assemblies

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Who out there makes a real good upper and lower intake assy?

I've heard of Hemco's lower intake job and how it's alot better than the stock Buick design.
But.. There's gotta be something else out there.

What are you guys running?

My car won't see strip use every weekend.
But I still want it to be able to kick @$$.
It is in a sense a daily driver, and for my friends, a thrill rider.
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PTE upper is probably the best one. I have a HEMCO...The stock one probably cannot beat until you are in the tens

Hard to beat the lower intake unless you are in the nines
In between Sturgis and Coldwater.
Bout 45 minutes south of Kalamazoo.
5 or so miles north of Indiana.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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