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Installing 6x9's

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I am wondering if I am the only one who likes the way things sound. I am putting in Kenwood Excelons throughout. I am positive the 5.25 inch speakers will fit in the doors. My question is if anyone has successfilly install 6x9's in the rear.
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You should have no problem putting 6x9's in your TR. You will just have to drill holes to mount them. If you have not bought 6x9's, I would recomend Pioneer 4 way 6x9's. They are very clear, have a lot of 'highs', and can make bass.
I put in Altec 6x9 carbon speakers.Used adaptors and wound up turfing the torsion bars for the trunk lid.Be sure the magnets aren't too big.

Give em' hell!
Don't use the adapters..just drill as Shaun suggested....they work well

OK, I already bought the kenwood excelons. They do have a large magnet, and sound awesome. I am concerned about drilling the holes, and was thinking I would be drilling straight into the deck behind the rear seat? Also I dont understand the thing about the torsion bars. When I tried to fit them in to see how I am going to install them it appeared such that the torsion bars were substantially in the way. Will it be necessary to remove them to install the speakers? Or can they be bent? Or if I eliminate them all together, and just buy some shock braces from the parts store and find a way to utilize them to hold the trunk up. These kenwoods have an excellent flush mount capability. It just seemed like a chore to get them up in there to be able to mount them. I am also wondering if the exsisting speaker hole should be cut out a bit? Or will the smaller hole covering the speaker work against my cause.
It is a possibility that some subwoofers end up in the car. My plan is to have that little space in the trunk sealed off flush with some factory grey carpet over it covering my speakers holes where the subs are facing outwards. As well as mounting my amps. Any ideas? has anyone gone this far?
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talk to Doug Connor..he is a moderator of the stereo section on the other board.

He's head of the Houston Buick club and has worked in stereo installation as I recall.

it depends on how bad you want them mounted flush. if you don't mind a little cutting, then do this.
take the seat back out. remove the 3rd brake light and the rear deck. take a pair of tin snips and get ready to make three cuts. one is on the little skinny piece in the middle. the other two cuts are vertical and about 6~7"s apart. what that allows is the body of the 6X9 to protrude into the back seat area about 1/2". don't worry, the seat will go back on fine. get a couple of drywall screws and shoot them through the sheet metal. then, take a pair of pliers and break the screws off. (they're hardened, so they'll break off flush). don't put your eye out either! when the package tray is reinstalled, the install looks stock.
unless the speakers have HUGE magnets, they will clear the trunk rods. there might be some rubbing, but i've never seen a problem from that. if the rods touch, there's enough spring preload to prevent any buzzing.
don't worry, it's easier than it sounds. just look at the tray and the speaker and you can see what needs to be done.
if the idea of taking the snips to your car makes your midsection queesy, just ignore all the horrible images i just tried to conjure.

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OK, I see. I have already taken my seat out once before to install my GNX brace. I am still concerned about the bars being slightly in the way. I will check source given to me.
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