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Ok- set the engine to TDC, and removed/replaced the cam. Got it all back together, and did the break-in. Started fine, ran the break-in for about 30 minutes, then shut her down. Changed the oil and filter, and called it a night.

Yesterday- the car wouldn't start. Checked the cam sensor- looked ok. Pulled #1 plug and DS valve cover to verify TDC- all looked in order. Crank sensor- same. Finally got her to start, with hesitation, bucking, and backfiring- almost no idle, and runs rough above 1500 rpm.

Shut everything down in frustration, and called it a night.


a) can the cam be installed 180 out? If possible, it wouldn't run, correct?

b) getting spark (it wants to run, but acts the same as if a distributor was WAY out.)- #1 plug is sooty and black (but not wet). Any clue?

c) Swapped cam sensor caps/coil pack w/module- still the same.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I would start by checking the crank sensor is still installed/clearanced correctly and the damper is not loose.

Then, I would verify the cam sensor interupter ring is still located properly and not floating on the shaft which happens when the locating tab breaks.

(If it ran correctly during break in, it's no likely that it is 180* out, etc)

I might also crank it up and unplug the cam sensor once running to see if the quality of the "run" changes.

Of course, the standard...plenty of fuel pressure, spark is blue on all cylinders, etc. :)
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