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I have a 86 buick with a 3.8 carb 109 block and 350 trans. I know its asking alot but if you all can i would like a list of all parts i would need to make my motor a gn turbo motor thanx.

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although your block is a 109 and your heads are 8445 thats about where the similarities end

heres a brief list but basically you can only keep the block, heads, and the timing cover (with mods needed to each)... thats it

you will need to replace and acquire parts specific for the turbo
in the end its better to find a doner turbo car or just buy a good running 86-87 turbo regal :

if you try to piece this list there are thousands of dollars of parts involved , tens of thousands if you dont go with used OE stuff

radiator (100 fbody new - 100 used OE - 275+ new OE)
electric cooling fan ('?? 50 used )
radiator top plate for fan mount (45 used)
ps pump (150) and pulley (30used) with hoses (75)
main accessory bracket (100 used)
alternator (120A cs144) (189.00 new)
alternator rear bracket (25used)
AC compressor(300) and lines if plans for having ac (175) .otherwise a delete pully (50)
ac compressor bracket front (Y) (50 used)
ac compressor rear bracket (20used)
tensioner assembly (ha..figure 100 used )
serpentine belt (30 new)
radiator hoses (75 new)
oil block (20 used)
oil feed line for turbo (45 new)
oil drain for turbo (100 NOS, 50 used) and fitting to block (25 used)
oil cooler adapter, nut and lines to radiator (50 used plenty available but if you want new lines it wont be so cheap
need to drill and tap a hole in your block for drain (disasseble motor and trip to machine shop, usually 25 bucks and then tank block 50 )
turbo charger (250 used 750 recond)
wastegate (50 used , 85 new adjustable)
downpipe elbow (30 used) bolts (10used ) seal (15 new) and downpipe (figure 50 used)

right and left exhaust manifolds, and crossover (200-250 used and expect they need cracks welded and flanges surfaced, or $700 new TA Stainless stock replacement)
valve covers (40-50) and oil fill (40)

crankshaft (turbo) 300-350 depends on if standard or undersize
crank balancer with interupter ring (100used , 300 new TA)
crankshaft pulley hub (50 used)
flexplate (50 used)

pistons (stock you might find cheap if your block can use standard bore otherwise 350-800)
waterpump pulley (40 used)
camshaft (also do lifters )(250 new flat tappet with lifters)
timing set (55 new comp cams)
heads need heavier springs (43.00 980 comps)
head gaskets for turbo (75 9441 felpro)
head bolts (30 new felpro ) better bolts like arp will cost more..45 cheap bolts , 75 better bolts, 100 for studs

on to intake...
intake manifold,lower (125 and up used)
intake gasket (39 felpro)
plenum,upper (40 stock used)
throttlebody (50 used)
plenum bracket for cables (75 used gbodyparts.com )
throttle cable (50)
brackets for throttlebody linkage (75 used gbodyparts.com)
fuel rail (50used)
fuel regulator (stock is cheap but would need adjustable 120)
injectors (180.00 stock 30# -360.00- 60#) and harness for them (100 new caspers)
tps (50)
iac (60)
coolant for ecu (25)
cam sensor (pc-16... 125-300 new)
crank sensor w/bracket (pc-8 ...40)
fan controller switch (35)
MAF sensor (100 used BW original... or avoid the trouble of bad mafs and do translator (199) and lt1 maf (40used -175 new)
boost solenoid (100) and hose assembly(45).. dont really need this stuf
air inlet hose (85 OE flexible)..or do 3"maf pipe (90)
airfilter assembly (cheap ) (or KN cone filter ..50)
vacuum block (40 billet)
vacuum line assebly (steel used these can run 100.00)
vacuum check valves (15 ea need 2)
egr control solenoid (find a used one) egr valve (havent priced one lately ) . if you dont smog test you could do without these and just use a blockoff plate for 20 bucks

ignition module (200 ac delco or 100 cheap wells junk)
ignition coil pack (110 ac delco or 75 cheaper brand)
plug wires and new correct plugs (65-115)
module bracket plate (25)
module bracket lower to manifold (20)

heater hard lines and hoses (50-100 recon)
heater valve (75 new)

oil pan baffled ( 60 used )
oil pump should be rebuilt and needs spring from kit for more pressure

200 4r BRF (350 core..600 used might work, 1600 rebuilt stock slower than 12's , 2200-3500 built for 11's or faster
tv cable (40)
dipstick tube and dipstick (find one but figure 50)
shifter linkage bracket and linkage to column (find one figure 30)
..if you want console bucket you need seats, console complete, floor shifter , cable and bracket for cable on trans , brackets for the floor to mount seats and console (and a floor shift column to do it proper)$$$$$$$
torque converter D5 (or match for turbo if not stock) 50 used but needs rebuild before going in a trans
transmission crossmember ,frame insulators and bolts (set aside 100)
transmission mount (thats the cheapest item for the swap at around 11.00 new)
7.5 rear needs upgrade to 8.5 with 3.42gears .. might as well do a posi (thats a 800-1K right there more if it needs to be shipped$$)
driveshaft (will need for the 8.5 rear 100 used 200 new -600 performance built )
ecu (85.00 used)and TTchip (90)
intercooler (they are usually available used cheap at $50 but then theres shipping$$$)
intercooler brackets, hoses, clamps and shroud (allow 100)
wiring harness for engine and dash complete with
all relays (thats over $500 right there)
est module (ha if you can find one)
body wiring to tank
and theres a bunch of specific hardware for the build

then theres the fuel system
lines (200)
fuel pump (120 walbro 255LPH) and hanger (125 spectra new)
fuel tank (baffled FI tank) (225 spectra301C)

and dont forget
exhaust system ($350 pypes dual 2.5)
air dam baffles under front bumper (150pr new)
turbo hood ($$$ or theres repop at 400 +ride)

then scanmaster (250) and gauges ($$$) , maybe even a logger (250 and a laptop)
thn comes the alky injection (600), bigger turbo (700), roller cam (900), bigger exhaust (700), bigger injectors 360), suspension upgrades (500-1000), sticky tires and rims (1k-2K)

if you start putting prices to the items above you will see it runs several thousand dollars even at todays used parts prices and that doesnt count the machine shop labor to assemble the engine to a long block or any machine work needed like recon rods , bore block ,valve job

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Buy a donor car. Doc's list gave me a headache, especially since he's right.
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