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Ign. module to blame for....

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Tested my coil/ign module assy wednesday before going to work.
Coil for 2-5 wasn't sparking fast.
Switched the wires from 1-4 with 2-5 as per instructions that came with Capsers tester and found that the ign module is bad.
Would it have any effect with my low BL numbers? They are 105.
I don't drive it unless I have to.
TIA. -Matt-
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i would thing it would be the other way around. 105 means the ECM is pulling fuel. if you have two dead or semidead cyl's, then you should have a high oxygen content in the exhuast. when the computer hears about that, i would imagine that it would start adding fuel.
but then again, you probally don't want to hear about all the other stuff i imagine.....

I thought low blm's indicated a rich mixture. No spark or weak spark in a couple cylinders would result in a rich mixture reading, thus the ecm would try to pull fuel to compensate. That's what I would imagine. One of us is full of it, and it's probably me.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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