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tonite after driving around w/the dump open i put it back on and noticed in park i rev it up and it almost dies then gets back into a normal idle. and suggestions as to why it does this? i had just rewired the fuel pump hotwire through the passenger compartment and had to disconnect the battery to do this so could it just be re-learning the chip?


1987 Grand National

Mods: stock turbo, stock intercooler, cold air ind. w/ KN filter, 160 thermostat, no cat, MSD 50's, hotwired walbro 340, J.D. ECM, Red Armstrong spark plug wires, autometer boost, water, oil, and volt gauges, adj. fuel regulator, engine tie down strap, dump pipe, TB coolant bypass, passenger side valve cover breather, tranny cooler, and adj. WG. no times as of yet
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