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IAC to high

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Last night i was trying to adjust my IAC to around 10 to 20. Its currently reading at about 40 at idle. I adjusted the throttle stop screw and i couldn't get the IAC counts to drop. I think i read some where that you need to shut the car down after each 1/4 or 1/2 turn of the screw? Is this correct? Or should i have seen a change in the IAC counts with out turning the car off. I'm going to try and do this again today and just wanted some pointers. TIA.

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Yes screw it inwards and reset after each turn or so. Reset the TPS as soon as it gets out of whack too.
You had the car in Park?

Originally posted by Steve Wood:
You had the car in Park?
Yes car was in park when i checked this.
screwing it in should make it come down, then.

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