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I took off my Throttle body and Upper Phenum so Jay Jackson can do the port mod. With everything off I looked down the egr air chamber (label #1) and I see oil pooled in there.
Does'nt that air chamber go directly to the egr valve (label #2)? How do I get rid of the oil, do I have to remove the manifold completely? Im sure the egr valve is'nt working because of the oil.
(I did have play in my turbo shaft, which caused a lot of oil problems. I had oil in the wastegate, Intercooler, and also oil in the vacuum block. I now have a new TA49 turbo so I' am trying to clean up the mess. I wonder if there are other places I should look for oil that should'nt be there...)So, how do I get rid of the oil in there.

I stick a coat hanger down #1 and it just stops, it dos'nt look like it goes anywhere???
I see a little pool of oil down at the bottom of #1 chamber, is this a problem?


89TTA #110
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