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Hello all! Not really sure how to start.

When I first got my license (21 years ago, really?) my family was "broken" or whatever and we were poor for lack of a better word. My Dad got me this renault encore that had a blown engine and told me "if you can fix it it's yours". And thus my love of engines and things mechanical went wild. (It's a longer story but that should do)

I got it fixed up and running and learned a ton in the process.

Then I read a Smokey Yunick book on engine prep, then I totally absorbed John Lingenfelters' (RIP) "On Modifying Small Block Chevy Engines" and I was hooked. I worked on cars all I could and even had a 4 bolt main small block that I prepped and had all the needed machine work on ready for an actual build.

Then I started College and it was hard, real hard. Science major (biotechnology) and lots of labs. Sophomore year my Dad died and things got really difficult for reasons I won't go into here.

Anyways, I am 38. I am a accomplished scientist. I drive a 2008 Infniti G35X which is the best car I have ever driven bar none since day 1 I drove it away from the dealership. But I love cars, something to stir the soul and capture the imagination.

I have vacillated between a 1955 Chevy and the Grand National but after lot's of thinking I think I need a Grand National.

Not sure why I am spilling my guts here but I would like help in finding the right car for me. "Black Air", is there a better film? Unreal.

I want to learn more and more about the 86-87 GN's and I would thankful for any help.

Sorry, newbie.

I included the GNX in a blog post a while ago:
Economic Disconnect: The 10 Most Bad Ass Cars Real or Imagined

And a Buick tribute post:
Economic Disconnect: Buick Grand National; Bitten By the Bug

I don't want clicks or views, I don't really post anymore but I thought they would be intersting here.
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