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Hurst Quarterstick installed !! Pics, check it out!!!

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Just finished the install this weekend and I have to say that this thing looks great!! And I have to say thanks to Kevin Williams and Mark Hueffman for the awesome work on the overlay. For those that are wondering, it's the black anodized overlay and the pics ( pos digital camera ) doesn't do it justice. Also I'd like to give a special thanks to TurboBob for the T+ box, his service and products are unmatched Period.

This install was so straight forward and easy that I wish I had done this years ago. I had a B&M Hammer shifter in before this one and a Hurst Promatic in before that and the Quarterstick just blows them both away. I was going to go with the Megashifter ( which is a nice shifter ) but I wanted something that looked more stock that it does although it was a hard choice to make. But now that it's finished I'm glad I went with the ¼stick. Here's the pics.

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Looks good. Do you shift manually while racing?
Sometimes I shift manualy and sometimes I let it do it's thing, never really noticed a difference either way. I broke the knob off the Hammer shifter that was in there so I went with the Quarterstick for a future trans-brake addition.
Looks good. :)
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