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My car has this howl after the car has warmed up. It is a continuios sound coming from the mid section of the car. Also there is rotten egg smell coming from the cat, I think. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the cat. The howl happens at 10km or 100km at park, netruel or reverse. It does not effect the performance of the car and I'm told it has nothing to do with the trany pump. Really confused, can soemone help!! dunno powersix
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If it happens in park then there is not much left to blame. Transmission,Alternator or powersteering pump. Run the car with the belt off to narrow it down. Make sure the trans fluid is up to level and not burnt. Sounds like a trans problem but..
Maybe a plugged cat? I remember someone here saying rotten egg is converter related?
Sure someone will confirm it!
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