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Time for new sneakers...on the rear !!!

Has anyone mounted the 16 inch Hoosier Quick Time Pro's on a set of GNX (Trans Am Honeycomb) wheels ?? I have the front - Trans Am Wheels, all around and have the MT ET's on the rears now. They are the 10.5 width and fit with no spacer. Not real happy with the MT's so I want to try a taller tire and wanted to also giver Hoosier a shot.

Hoosier now has the 16 inch slicks (last time I needed slicks, I did not see Hoosier offering 16 inch).
Anyway - I am considering a 28"tall 16" by 11.5 rear tire and just wanted to see if they fit..

Anyone out there with this combo on the Turbo Buick ???
Any feedback would be appreciated...
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