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Hey JBenn911...

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Hey JBenn911..(aka: The HUBER font thread)

If you are working tonight...IT'S GONNA SUCK!!!

Sorry man but it just took me over an hour to go what takes 20 minutes!! The main roads are wet thats all!! :wtf:
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:LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL: now thats really funny
We all have too much free time...
no we dont im doing this at work. i hate the snow right now
Actually Jim the G8 starts at like 29k 32 or 33 for the fully loaded one at least your having a good time even though the weather sucks over their
I think he on some super secret mission for the goverment to try to find all the stolen GN's in the country or something either that or aliens kidnapped him
yea me too
The REAL JBenn! :eek!: :D
hey jimmy !!!
theres also fudds in turnersville next sunday for the monthly meet
You got the days mixed up thats this Sunday the 22. Good to see and hear you doin ok Jim
no you gots it wrong :). this week already had a sunday it was 3 days ago, the sunday coming up is next week hence next sunday , think about it
Looking at it that way then yea your right so it's this comming Sunday
Where can i get one of those sillyturbosix :D
I'm coming by in the morning and taking a picture of your poor car, Gary !!!
Come by mine too mine atleast has a cover on it but it's going no where soon
We need some heat!!!

Hey Mr C...your chair awaits!!!
Only thing missing in that pic is Herb
We got pummbled about 2 feet at my house thank god for 4wd i plowed right out with our pathfinder but the GN will be stuck for months
I'm still at work and from what i heard Brig. should be closed by 6
Atlantic City was like a ghost town last night i was helping mom tie stuff down and adding sand bags
We're not talking about you man crak :crazy:
Good to see your ok my friend keep safe it's nasty out
Forget Obama Christie called the Mayor of AC an idiot :eek!:
1 - 18 of 849 Posts
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