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I reset my IAC and TPS as per your instructions(and web site).Car seems to idle smoother.Here are the numbers from my Scanmaster-I dont know what they all mean,maybe you can shed some light... wink
temp 162
o2 260-470 avg
af 05
L8 42
bat 13.0 v
int 122-129
bl 111
ats 54
tps .40 at idle and 4.57 wot
iac 15
cc 0-260
mal 00
all readings were taken at idle(wot was koeo)

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I think I covered most of them in my post on the parameters, but,

the coolant temp was 162. If the decimal point on the right side of the screen was not blinking, the ecm had gone into closed loop.

The o2s are varying back and forth across stochiometric as they should. The crosscounts are incrementing from 0-255 as they should-assuming the number was changing somewhere around 8-40 each time it increased.

AF equals 5 gr/sec of mass air flow which is right for idle.

LV8 was 42 (Load variable) sounds about right for idle..

If you read TurboDave's write up on integrator/block learn mode on the link I posted, then you know that the idle blm is a little rich but it is well within the ecm's ability to correct so it is not a problem. If you go cruising, it will probably be pretty close to 128 in the range of those cells.

Nal (malfunction codes) is zero which means there are no trouble codes being reported.

For idle, they look pretty much normal.

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