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just got my car back from alignment, and now it doesnt want to go into boost, and i noticed that the fuel pressure jumped up to almost 50psi at idle. can you tell me what could be wrong? i dont have my scanmaster yet its on its way but the only code im throwing is the running rich code.
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Vacuum line came off of the fuel regulator
sorry guys i found the prob. i just found that my wastegate rod was off. i guess the clip broke off or something unless the jackasses that aligned my car tried to mess with my boost! thanks though for the quick response thumb_up
The fuel regulator hose will make the pressure jump for sure but wouldn't it still make boost?
Fuel pressure at idle has nothing to do with the wastegate rod. If it jumped to 50lbs then check the vacuum line going to FPR as I said before.
Or check for a pinched off return line down where they put the shims in. :rolleyes:

Sounds like some winners working on it. :( rant
ok will do, i know i hate taking my car to places man in fear of them going out for a damn joyride....
Or check for a pinched off return line down where they put the shims in. :rolleyes:

Sounds like some winners working on it. :( rant
That sounds more like the problem.
well guys i checked everywhere for a pinched line or broken vaccum line and couldnt find anything. so i just adjusted my FP to where it should be again and took it for a spin. it seems that its not as responsive as before however it pulls hard when i get in boost. i dont know what to do..i guess just go with it until my scanmaster arrives then maybe it will help out a bit. Also, by reving the motor at idle and getting up there in the rpm's it appeared my fuel pressure did not rise..isnt it suppose to rise like this or just when it is loaded, like while driving? sometimes i wish you guys lived next door...lol :D
It will only rise with boost not at idle. Make sure you adjust your FPR with the vacuum line off (static)
well guys the FP keeps rising on me even after i adjusted it again. i dont know what to do or why after today, when it drove good this morning, its doin this now. i guess **** happens. any other suggestions or ideas?
What is the fuel pressure line [email protected]? Also what type of fuel pressure gauge are you using?
i set fuel pressure at 40 line off. so it goes down to about 36 to 38 cant remember when the line is back on. drove to work last night, pop the hood just for grins, and see that the fuel pressure is now at 40-41 line on and 43 or so line off. im currently running a accu-fab and it came on the car so no telling how old it may be.....
Are you using a real fuel pressure gauge or one of those little 1" ones that screw into the fuel rail? The FPR may also be bad. Make sure the vacuum port is not loose. If I remember right that port is only crimpped on to the housing.
yeah im only using the little 1 inch ones on the fuel rail. should i get a different one? the accu-fab regulater just has a little nipple where the vaccum line just slides on. im leaning more towards a bad FPR myself...how much is a new one and what brand should i run?
also where can i get a fuel pressure guage that sits there in front of my winshield? i saw that on a car and thought that was pretty slick...
tap the fuel gauge and see if the reading changes...also rap on the regulator with a screwdriver handle and see if the reading changes....

A vendor like Jack Cotton should be able to fix you up with a real pressure gauge on a hose so you can insure your pressure is rising properly under boost.

hey guys, just for the hell of it i messed with fuel pressure yet again, no matter how far i screwed the screw out, it would not drop below 41 psi static, yet it would increase pressure if i wanted. just want to make sure its a faulty FPR before i go out and spend 130 for a new one. what do you think?
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