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Ok. I believe I purchased a 4.1 production block. Thanks Kendall.

I need to figure out what kind of pistons, rods and such I need.

Looking for a budget build up here. Don't really want to buy $600 pistons and $700 rods. Any suggestions/experiences welcomed.

•I think I want to stay at 8:1 compression, until someone talks me out of it.
•Heads will be wire locked irons to start out with.
•Block is bored 4.00".
•Looking to run with a TA-62 max turbo. Maybe even as small as a TA-49.
•Can I use a "used" stock CAM with new lifters?


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I believe that you will be able to use some 383 spec Cheby pistons. These are not that expensive from what Ive seen around.A regular speed pro or TRW forged will be fine.

A used cam with used lifters is okay as long as the cam was broken in correctly.
New lifters would be a no no.


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