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I have a friend that is putting together a 109 based short block. Its going to be a spare/test engine. He choked and did not get rings when he bought the last set of of .040 TRW forged pistons on the planet. Now the rings he wants are discontinued as well.
I was thinking maybe one of our fine board members has a set or can dig up a set or knows someone that might have a set . The bore size is 3.840, rings sizes are 5/64, 5/64, 3/16. Please help him out. The Speed Pro rings he wanted are PN R10499 .040, or R10500 .040 we can get the cheaper sealed power E434K in a .040 but really need a better quailty ring. He really needs them NOW so if anyone has ideas please post or shoot me an email. I know this should be in parts wanted but please moderators leave it here so the masses can see it as not many members patrol the parts wanted area. I am posting this there as well.

Thank You

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Tell him to get the best...Total-Seals! They should have that size.

I have been witness to testing at Ford Motor Company of gapless rings. With combustion presure trapped between the top and second ring (second ring being gapless) ring flutter was a major issue. Total seals show great leak down tests when they are static but ring seal is compromised while running. I used Total Seals in my 374" Bowtie block SBC. It made 768 HP on Alky. We used them for a season and liked the way they kept the oil a little less diuted from the Alky(Port Injected Flying Toilet), when they came out with the gapless top ring we went with that and found 11 hp with nothing but that changed from the build and tune up. I would not use the gapless second ring from the data and testing I have personally been invloved with but the top ring works well. I can get the total seals but he does not like them and cannot get him to go with them so I was trying to get the rings he wanted. Total seal needs to make up a set in this bore size( they can do a non gapless or gapless) and it will take 2 weeks and my buddy wants to do the balnce job this week.

thanks for the info and hope my info helps.

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I have gapless top setup in my 3.8. I have beat on it pretty good so far and have yet to get a single drip of oil out of the breathers. Actually they look very dry yup If it were standard rings I would be mopping it up with the boost and pressures I give it. How about Hastings? They may have something to fit. Things are thinning out for the Buick V-6 guys thumb_do
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