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HELP-crankshaft ?

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what part # is on a gn crankshaft?....the one i have has a 267 number on it and i dont know if its worth a damm...please e-mail back because i would like to know this weekend to order the correct rebuild bearings
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the part number is 1260837
don't know what is on the shaft
this link has different #s

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It doesn't matter what part # or casting # is on the crankshaft...If it has the pressure rolled fillets on all the journals, then it is a turbo crankshaft...

You will find NA and turbo crankshafts with the same casting # on it...The pressure rolled fillets is just done as another machining process done after the crank has been casted...Personally, I have turbo cranks with casting #877 and #229...You will also find the NA cranks with the same numbers...

You have to visually inspect the cranks for the rolled fillets...That is the only way to know for sure if it is a turbo crank...

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