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Hello all,

Just taking the time to introduce myself, my name is Chris and I have just acquired my dad's 86 T-Top Grand National. It has just over 108K Miles on the clock, in mainly stock form, with just a few mods. Nothing out of the ordinary. It has new 36# injectors, some kind of chip upgrade (will find out witch one later), 3" downpipe, K&N, scanmaster, and a few other minor upgrades. Nothing out of the ordinary.

It suffers from the all too common tach/boost gauge problem (I read about it) and has a few minor blemishes in the interior. He bought the car about 10 years ago and has put on maybe like 10K while he owned it. The car had attempted to be stolen about 3ish years ago but it has some sort of funky anti-theft feature (part of the chip I think), so it was never stolen. Since the would be thieves could not start the car, they decided to take a crowbar to the car and cause some damage to the car exterior, which has all been fixed and re-painted. The car looks great now. Paint is excellent. The guy who did all the body work and paint did a great job.

I am going to try and post some pics and show you the car. We'll see how that goes.

I have a few questions and issues about the car, I will post briefly about them here, then in the appropriate forum later. Nothing too major. Just the front seat covers are ripped and need to be replaced, the seals to the t-tops need replacing again (although they were just replaced when it was re-painted - nothing lines up and it leaks...). The passenger window does not work properly and needs adjustment - does not go up all the way and looks as if it goes up crooked a bit but will go up all the way if you pull it up with your hand as well as with the switch. The dash is cracked in a few places. Other than that the car is mechanically sound and in awesome shape.

The car was originally from phoenix, and has spent the last 10ish years in LA where my parents live. This is probably why the dash is cracked and the seals are having problems... maybe due to the constant heat it has been subjected to over it's life.

I live in canada and my father is gifting me the car. I also need some advice pretty quickly on this issue on how I can bring it back to canada with me - as to what the procedures are to go about importing it. I will be driving it back up there within a week or so and need some fast advice on that.

Other than that, I also have a '92 Typhoon that has been built up, but is broken (snapped a piston rod in half and sent it through the side of the block) but it is parked and not going to be touched anytime soon - soooo let's not even go there haha.

So I look forward to talking to everyone on here and being an active part of this community.




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