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Here we go.
I'm Stan I came across this gem about 6 months ago siting under a carport in Charlotte N.C I live in atl G.A so it's about 3 hour ride my work takes me out there every now and then I've been out there about 7 or 8 times in the past 6 months and I finally got a hold of the owner he told me he Bought in 89 with 15k on it and that he didn't want to sell it but his Neighbor offered him $7500 for it and he wanted to put 24 ince rims on it so he didn't want anyone to jack it up he is 64 years old and he wanted to give it to someone to take care of it like he did its been siting for a year or two.
So a little about me I'm a die hard fan of Classic GM trucks I have a Collection of 67-72 Chevy short beds I also love GM Muscle cars so Enough about me lets talk cars lol.
I showed the ol man my Collection of GM trucks and he knew I was the guy to take care of he's baby he sold it to me for a little of nutting here's some pics


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